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  • jeffswan 11:05 pm on April 20, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    A New Challenge 

    This week started with a new challenge and a new opportunity. Partnering with BlackWave Creative, I now have the ability to help other entrepreneurs portray their unique brand benefits online through killer web design. Why did I choose to work with BlackWave over starting my own venture? Because a true entrepreneur knows a great opportunity when he sees one!

    From my first conversation with BlackWave’s founder, Vincent Mazza, I knew this was a company I wanted to be part of. They do great work, have a tremendous track record of happy clients, and they have the resources to satisfy any and all web design and development needs. It’s a clear fit for someone like me who loves to merge great design with solid marketing practices.

    If you want to see what sold me on BlackWave’s talent, check out their design portfolio.

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    Memories of Downtown Miami 

    Just found this link from my old haunt in Downtown Miami. Basically it’s a sped up version of the ‘Metro Mover’ (similar to Vancouver’s Skytrain). It’s the route my girlfriend and I used to take to get groceries once a week. Really miss those palm trees!

    The reason I liked the Metro Mover so much was that it was 100% free for anyone from citizens to immigrants to tourists. No fare required AT ALL! Gotta love the efficiencies of a free mass transit system. Just so you know, each and every city in the Greater Miami Area had it’s own version of free public transportation. Would love to see Vancouver pick up on that in time for the Olympics.

    • Lexie 9:16 am on April 19, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      I love the metro! I think downtown Vancouver could really use one that goes in a circle around so you can hop off in any area and then walk to your destination. It would be killer.

    • jeffswan 9:22 am on April 19, 2009 Permalink | Reply

      I agree! I’m guessing that would take away from the $5 bus rides and that wouldn’t be cool 😦

  • jeffswan 6:42 am on April 7, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    Creating Your Own Success One Project at a Time 

    Beauty Tips, Exlusive Deals, and Salon & Spa Reviews

    Beauty Tips, Exlusive Deals, and Salon & Spa Reviews

    6 in the morning. Can’t sleep. Too excited about what’s to come. We’ve started a new blog project and it’s looking very promising. Designed and built the blog (with help from some friends) and now adding the little features that will make ours special. Now we’re working on getting quality content writers to join the team.

    With Habidoo.com peaking very little interest, we decided to shift the focus onto this new project – http://www.vancouverbeautyreviewer.com. Taking into account some of the challenges in marketing Habidoo, we developed a solid plan that starts with good content, and progresses into monetization.

    For those of you saying “Moneti- what?”, it’s okay. I was there not too long ago myself. It means Making Money off Your Blog/Website. Understanding that many people do very little work and make cash online, we figured why reinvent the wheel? Give an enthusiastic and willing group a product they already enjoy and add our own spin to it. With all the plans we have, it’ll be huge in the future anyway. At least that’s the plan.

    As we found out with Habidoo, you can’t just build a good site and expect people to like it. That’s why we started with research. We found out that a large population of young women in Vancouver are a) new to the city, b) interested in meeting people, and c) love to go to beauty salons. We feel pretty confident that this is the market to go after.

    Next in line was figuring out what they want. So doing a few Google searches we discovered that content is king (still). How-to videos on makeup get thousands of hits on Youtube everyday while women flock to beauty review sites to participate in the discussion. Women love to share their opinions and value those of others that they identify with. Conclusion: start a blog with reviews and beauty tips.

    From there we thought of how we could add our own spin on it. Since we had just finished producing a social network, we figured we would make it more interactive than most blogs. Yes, I said MORE interactive than a blog. Adding reviews to comments, and making them searchable is one idea. Others include a social directory that blog subscribers can review local salons. Many more are in thw works, but that’s just a start.

    Finally we thought “Now how are we going to make money off this thing?” Well, who’s going to pay? The women aren’t, as there are thousands of review sites they can join for free. It would basically be wrong to charge for participation and I anticipate people would protest silently while our site traffic hovers around 0.

    Salons might, but we have to offer them business, not just a listing on a directory that sits there in no man’s land never to be found. So how do we offer them business? Maybe I’ll let you know in the next post. For now, it’s off to customize my new blog.

    *I love to hear of other people’s entrepreneurial ventures. Please feel free to share your story by commenting on the blog or emailing me at jeff at habidoo dot com.

  • jeffswan 8:01 am on March 31, 2009 Permalink | Reply
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    Day 2 of The New Plan 

    Long Journey Ahead of UsYesterday was the start of a new plan. Since we lost our funding, we need to look for other means of securing cash flow. We thought about investors, but it’s just not for us. Therefore we decided that we would divest our time in our entrepreneurial ventures and seek employment in the Greater Vancouver Area. It will be an interesting new challenge and we plan to take our entrepreneurial way to the world of employment!

    In developing our business, we have met many great people with fantastic businesses. There are great ideas out here and a lot of people motivated and determined to reach their goals. Therefore we know there are many places where we could be happy to work for. Not only that, but at this stage in our recession, the economy is only going to get better placing new companies like these at an advantage when it starts to pick up.

    So we’re taking our skills, creativity, and ambition to work with another company for the next couple years. Of course we’ll always be taking care of our web properties at the same time. That’s the beauty of owning websites (they work for you while you’re working somewhere else). Wish us luck!

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