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    What Recession Concessions Are You Making? 

    What’s the first thing business owners do in a recession? Make cuts. By cutting staff, training, and marketing, managers intend to lower costs and ride out the recession. I challenge you to invest more in the aforementioned services so you can position your company to be stronger once the recession ends.

    By taking the time to learn and improve your company’s capabilities you will help boost your value over competitors in a market so focused on making cuts. I’m not saying to start spending all your money and time on marketing and training, but to use the extra time you have (due to slow business) to make your organization better!

    A few cheap tricks include taking a little time out of each day to read an article or two. Blogs are free to read and there are many experts out there willing to give advice. Maybe take the time to enhance your product or service and re-evaluate its effectiveness in current market conditions. Who knows what a little introspection can do for you.

    I’ve heard from countless business owners that say they’ve cut their marketing budgets and are focusing 100% on referrals and repeat business. That’s great, but what happens when the well runs dry? When the new business stops coming in how do you survive?

    Although cuts are necessary for many companies’ financial well-being, you don’t need to cut down on marketing activities, maybe just marketing spending. Find unpaid alternatives or investigate marketing solutions that could work better than what you’re currently doing. You’ll find that this recession can be a blessing in disquise by helping your company come out on top!

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    Say My Brand Is Awesome PLEASE!!! 

    I was reading an article called Drones at the karaoke lounge of design about how there are so many talented designers out there that don’t necessarily understand how to produce effective design. It makes sense. I meet people all the time who’s eyes light up when I mention I create websites and watch their smile turn to a frown as I mention that I won’t do their site for free. Would I ask a Real Estate Agent to sell my house for free? I could, but it doesn’t mean that she will do it!

    The influx of new (and talented) designers into the market and the existence of Craigslist can be both a blessing and a curse for companies who need websites. On one hand there are more options at much better prices then there has ever been. On the other, what these customers don’t realize is that they’re likely getting what they’re paying for. There is a difference between ‘nice’ design and ‘effective’ design.

    Every business is different but the one consistent factor I’ve noticed is that they all want to do more, better, and faster. That’s why they end up talking to me. Sure they want an ‘Awesome’ looking site with a cool brand, but the bottom line is that they’re spending the money on a website because they believe it will make them more money in the end. Done correctly a website will do just that!

    A website’s primary purpose is to get you MORE, QUALIFIED BUSINESS. Emphasis on the “Qualified”. Sure a flashy design that makes your customers go ‘Wow!’ is pretty cool. But does it get them to buy? Ask your designer how his design will encourage your site visitors to act. Ask him where visitors are supposed to go on the page and what links he wants them to click when they’re there. The importance of these answers is more than you know.

    Your website has the potential to be your company’s most effective marketing tool. Choosing a quality web service provider is an extremely difficult task that takes great care and consideration of the end result. So do your research. Check out your next designer for qualifications and ask for results. Look through the beauty and see the business behind design. Do this and you’ll have an ‘Awesome’ brand that gets you more business!

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    Cut and Paste Emails? Why? 

    Don't be a Robot

    Don't be a Robot

    I understand the motivation behind sending out a generic sales message to everyone you meet in business. It’s a challenge to create a unique and customized message for everyone you meet while still getting across your value as a professional offering (insert service here).

    The point of the follow up email is to let the person know you listened to what they have to say, understand their needs, and have the ability to help them out. It’s not to advertise your services to a captive audience of one!

    I have taken the liberty of deleting any email I get that I feel is copied and pasted. How do I tell? If it is a professionally written message that says everything about them, but has nothing to do me. I do not have the time in my day to deal with insincere people.

    So next time you meet a person online or in person, take a moment to learn what they’re all about. Find something you can offer them and personalize your message. You’ll find it will pay off a lot more than a simple “This is who I am and this is what I do” message that is destined for the trash can.

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