What Does Good Year and Web Design Have In Common?

In my day-to-day work life, I come across hundreds of people who still feel that a web designer has to be master of everything from Information Architecture to Search Engine Optimization. I always wonder why people would try to get all this talent from one person, but I think it makes sense when I think consider my time marketing for a BMW dealership in Winnipeg.

As a car fanatic, my first summer at the dealership was heaven. I was able to learn so much about cars, parts, and accessories that I had wondered about for years! One thing I never really realized is how marketing can cause some serious safety issues for consumers. Here’s a little story that explains why:

I asked my new boss about tires as I was thinking about buying a new set for my car. Living in Winnipeg, I knew I needed something for the winter but only had the budget for one set of tires. Therefore I was interested in All Season Radials. My boss then proceeded to tell me how All Seasons are a compromise that can seriously hinder safety.

In the summer, they’re too rigid to provide solid traction on the heated road surfaces, while in the winter, they don’t grip the ice and snow properly leaving you to slide all over the road (yes, this actually happened quite a few times to me). So while purchasing a ‘do-it-all’ approach to tires gives the consumer what they want – good in the winter, good in the summer – inexperienced driver can be placed in extremely dangerous situations due to lack of grip in either weather extreme.

Considering this situation I look at the companies seeking the do-it-all designer in the same way. If you’re expecting a person to be a rockstar designer, information architect, AND SEO expert, something’s going to give. You will end up with either a fantastic design and mediocre traffic, or a well thought out site that doesn’t read well, or worse.

In general hiring experts for each discipline results in the strongest website package. With dedicated resources at each stage in the design, development, and marketing process, you’ll have the full attention of a specialist that can maximize your website’s potential.
Consider your website like your car. If you put All Season Radials, they’ll be ‘good enough’ all year round, but once you hit a patch of ice your ‘good enough’ tires slip up and cause a crash. With a website, you can have a ‘good enough’ designer who will create a decent looking site that may not convert or get you site traffic. Saving a couple bucks at the beginning could seriously harm your long-term marketing goals.

So don’t slip on the ice of mediocrity. Hire an expert that will take the proper care in each area of your website design. In the end your website will be safe from road hazards and ultimately save and/or make you money in the long run.