Design is Useless!

Website design is useless if you don’t do it right. Pretty graphics and animation can help when you’re bragging to your friends of how cool your website is, but does it help drive business? That’s something most people miss when considering website design. They miss the reason they’re getting a website designed in the first place – to drive business.

I go by a very strict philosophy of “Do what works, and not what doesn’t.” When it comes to design, I feel that you should focus on those things that will actually improve the user experience and lead to a higher rate of conversion. All else is just fluff that’s only useful for the aforementioned braggarts.

When you visit a site that doesn’t give you the information you want, do you really care that it’s playing cool music or that the images are sweet? No, you don’t. The most popular website in the world is barren of any style or color (anyone heard of Google?) It’s popular because it works and it gets people the answers they want.

So you’re probably wondering, why the rant from a web designer? The answer is, I’m not a web designer. I help people market their business online with websites that convert. If you’re looking for a graphic designer that knows how to code a webpage, go to Craigslist and find someone willing to work for table scraps. Come to me if you want to drive business with your webpage.