Image Is NOT Everything

As I spend much of my work day meeting with new and current clients, I find it interesting to see how many people are throwing out the old rules of image when it comes to working together. I visit clients daily who embrace my preference for shorts and sandals just as they too take casual Friday and extend it to the rest of the week.

I find that moving beyond the physical appearance and getting to the heart of why we’re meeting together is an extremely effective tool for a great working relationship. Instead of relying on a fancy car and the latest cell phone to show my worth, I provide value based on my experience and what I have to offer clients – expertise.

I know what I’m doing and I have a passion for sharing this knowledge with other people and companies. I genuinely want their business to succeed and I given the chance, I will use every tool I have to make it happen. So when I show up at your office in jeans and a t-shirt, don’t judge. I will help you grow your business and maybe even inspire you to let loose a little bit. Who really likes to wear ties anyway?