5 Cheap Ways to Make a Great First Impression

As a lighter follow up to my previous post, here’s a few ways a guy like me can make a great impression on the cheap:

1. Shine your shoes
Instead of buying a brand new pair of dress shoes for an important meeting, shine an old pair. People can rarely tell the difference in black shoes anyway unless they’re really watching (then they’re not listening to you anyway).

2. Buy a really nice dress shirt
Go without a suit jacket and tie to a major event. It’s a nice style and is no longer considered a fashion faux pas. Saves you the cost of buying the jacket and the discomfort of wearing a tie!

3. Smile
Does this really need an explanation?

4. Meet Clients at their Office
Even if you have a nice office, I still recommend this one. It shows you offer great service if you do, and covers up your less-than-stellar office if you don’t.

5. Turn off Your Phone
Show that you respect your client by giving them your undivided attention. Don’t worry, the text will still be there when you’re done!