Can Twitter Actually Fatten My Wallet?

Does This Represent What Social Media Is?

Does This Represent What Social Media Is?

Since I began using Facebook early last year I’ve been hearing the hype about how Social Media is the next big thing in business. I can see a lot of people ‘getting rich’ of Twitter and things like that but I have not met many successful business people who get the bulk of their business online. I would really like to see how it’s done and what the results are.

I believe that if you use social media properly you can make solid connections that translate into offline meetings. This can lead to business as long as the right fit is there. However, it requires a great deal of care to maintain authenticity in a relationship in order to move forward to the business stage. You have to say what you mean and mean what you say!

Many people believe they can throw up an automated content generator on their social media platforms and voila! More business. Instead people see right through it. They can tell if all you do is Re-Tweet people’s original thoughts and never offer your own, or add someone as a friend and pretend like you’re not just trying to get them to buy something off of you.

There are some that do this well, but most just come across as dishonest and spammy. I challenge anyone out there that can give me an honest, straightforward way to get more business using social media. I know what works for me. What works for you?