My Life in the Fast Lane

Back a few years ago, I used to have to sit down and think of what I was going to do in my day to fill up the time. I would look at the clock and see 2:00pm and think, “Three more hours to go?” Now I look at that same clock and say “Three hours. That’s it?!?!?”

Life sure has picked up the pace on me. With so much responsibility and work to do, I’m actually getting back into the mode that made me so successful as a Product Expert at Future Shop. My senses are sharp, my brain is focused, and my goals are clear.

It almost feels like I’ve been bitten by the productivity bug that has transformed me into this crazy work machine. My only challenge now is to learn to step away from business and enjoy a nice, relaxing lunch. Well, there’s no time like the present to start learning. Going to lunch. See you in a bit!