I Found $40!

Last night I was walking to a business seminar at http://www.thenetworkhub.ca and I found $40. It was a momentus occasion because it seemed to signal a renaissance in my approach to business.

Instead of thinking about how I’m going to go out and get money, I’m going to let it come to me. I started my sales career at Future Shop where they spent millions of dollars in marketing to get customers to come to me. Closing was easy because the customers already wanted to buy!

As VP of Business Development for BlackWave Creative, I have been seeking business diligently to moderate success. It’s time to take it up a notch and give people reasons to want to work with me. Here’s a couple reasons they should:

1) I love helping small businesses with their unique marketing challenges.
2) I owned a small business that had its own challenges so I understand how to overcome them.
3) I love to create websites, marketing plans, and strong web copy.
4) I am passionate and attentive to details (good combination)!
5) I know there is a better way to promote your business online and I can help you find it

Enough boasting, but I just wanted to let you know who I am and why I’m in this business. Thanks to Christina from Citrus Coaching Solutions for putting me back in touch with this part of me. She’s a great professional coach by the way!

I look forward to seeing my new approach grow and take shape. Finding $40 on the street doesn’t happen everyday. I’ll be sure to take this lesson to heart and use it in my pursuit of changing the online landscape one small business at a time!