Say My Brand Is Awesome PLEASE!!!

I was reading an article called Drones at the karaoke lounge of design about how there are so many talented designers out there that don’t necessarily understand how to produce effective design. It makes sense. I meet people all the time who’s eyes light up when I mention I create websites and watch their smile turn to a frown as I mention that I won’t do their site for free. Would I ask a Real Estate Agent to sell my house for free? I could, but it doesn’t mean that she will do it!

The influx of new (and talented) designers into the market and the existence of Craigslist can be both a blessing and a curse for companies who need websites. On one hand there are more options at much better prices then there has ever been. On the other, what these customers don’t realize is that they’re likely getting what they’re paying for. There is a difference between ‘nice’ design and ‘effective’ design.

Every business is different but the one consistent factor I’ve noticed is that they all want to do more, better, and faster. That’s why they end up talking to me. Sure they want an ‘Awesome’ looking site with a cool brand, but the bottom line is that they’re spending the money on a website because they believe it will make them more money in the end. Done correctly a website will do just that!

A website’s primary purpose is to get you MORE, QUALIFIED BUSINESS. Emphasis on the “Qualified”. Sure a flashy design that makes your customers go ‘Wow!’ is pretty cool. But does it get them to buy? Ask your designer how his design will encourage your site visitors to act. Ask him where visitors are supposed to go on the page and what links he wants them to click when they’re there. The importance of these answers is more than you know.

Your website has the potential to be your company’s most effective marketing tool. Choosing a quality web service provider is an extremely difficult task that takes great care and consideration of the end result. So do your research. Check out your next designer for qualifications and ask for results. Look through the beauty and see the business behind design. Do this and you’ll have an ‘Awesome’ brand that gets you more business!