Cut and Paste Emails? Why?

Don't be a Robot

Don't be a Robot

I understand the motivation behind sending out a generic sales message to everyone you meet in business. It’s a challenge to create a unique and customized message for everyone you meet while still getting across your value as a professional offering (insert service here).

The point of the follow up email is to let the person know you listened to what they have to say, understand their needs, and have the ability to help them out. It’s not to advertise your services to a captive audience of one!

I have taken the liberty of deleting any email I get that I feel is copied and pasted. How do I tell? If it is a professionally written message that says everything about them, but has nothing to do me. I do not have the time in my day to deal with insincere people.

So next time you meet a person online or in person, take a moment to learn what they’re all about. Find something you can offer them and personalize your message. You’ll find it will pay off a lot more than a simple “This is who I am and this is what I do” message that is destined for the trash can.