Networking Worth More Than You Know

Professional networking is an extremely important part of business. The people you know can go a long way to help you out when in need and they can send valuable business your way at any time. In recent months I’ve learned that professional networking has more value than I had ever imagined.

Five months into living in Vancouver and I have a group of great people that I consider friends. Just yesterday I was invited to the beach through someone I met at a networking event. I don’t know if we’ll ever do business together but it really does not matter. Having a friend is worth its weight in gold!

The friends I have met since coming to Vancouver have introduced me to my sweet ball hockey team (a Tuesday evening fixture these past few months), referred me to my awesome position with BlackWave Creative, and invited me out to some fantastic parties.

Of course there have been a couple business referrals along the way, but the friendships are what I find the most valuable. Having an active social life is so valuable to a person’s life that there truly is no replacement.

I guess my success in making friends (and business contacts) can be attributed to my approach to networking. I try to meet someone I like at each event whether we can do business or not. I find something special in their story and their approach to doing business. If they’re honest people, we end up becoming friends. In some cases there is the added bonus of actually doing business together too!

I can’t say it’s all about friendships though. I’ve been lucky enough to earn some business through personal contacts and I appreciate it immensely. I thank everyone I’ve met since coming to Vancouver for being there for me, helping me grow my business, and just being a friendly face. You guys have made me feel at home here and I appreciate it with all my heart.

Thanks for everything!