Can My Website Help Make More Money?

While reading a blog post from Seth Godin (marketing genious), I realized that you can get a lot more potential out of your company website than you can even imagine. Through a well planned design, you can promote incremental sales of your product or service, improve customer service, and generally get more business.

I was speaking with a girl named Vy last night about her new startup. She’s importing a hard to find beauty product into Canada that will certainly be a hit with local fashionistas. Primary sales will not be a problem if marketed properly as long as it’s made readily available for her customers. However, there is an opportunity here to both streamline her business AND make more profit with a well thought out website.

Firstly, she can reduce friction in the sales process by handling all sales transactions online. With a checkout process like PayPal, her customers can use any method of payment they want and purchase whenever they want to. No need to worry about not having an interac machine!

Secondly, she can earn incremental sales by offering complimentary products on her site to add to their initial purchase. With the many people going to her site for this specific product, she will be able to capitalize on the traffic by selling complimentary products and further improve her profitability.

Honestly, it’s all about designing your website to fit your business model. Better yet, it can literally improve your business model. Using web 2.0 technology, you not only allow your business to be found by more prospective customers, but you can actually improve profitability AND customer service through using the right mix of services. Of course, all this translates into more profit for you – the ultimate goal for any business!