Branding is not dead

With the advent of Internet technology many people have adopted the concept of “Branding is Dead”. I beg to differ. While yes, the product life cycle is much shorter than it used to be, quality brand symbols are just as strong as they’ve ever been.

Take Twitter for instance. It’s a powerful brand name that barely existed 12 months ago (yes, I know it’s been around over 3 years, but you know what I mean). Now it’s on the tip of the tongue of every Internet user around the globe – even showing up on CNN and other mainstream news networks on a regular basis.

So what has changed? Now, brands are taking on a whole new meaning. Instead of just inanimate objects on your business card, they are the doorway to your company. People now interact with your brand – post it, share it, and talk about it online. Now, your brand is literally at the centre of the conversation if you provide a product they want.

By using clearly identifiable brand symbols, you ensure that your customers can easily recognize your company, and share it with others. Better yet, making it cool and relevant to your target audience speaks to consumers in a way that will help you convert more business.

So on that note, I say that brands are not dead. They’ve just taken on a new meaning. Make sure yours is relevant and you’ll see what branding can do for you!