Just got back from The Vancouver Sun Run…

Just got back from The Vancouver Sun Run and it was pretty amazing! Standing there on Burrard bridge seeing all the determined faces of people half way through their 10K run is an amazing thing.

Beach Ave during The Vancouver Fun Run

Vancouver is like that though. A large group of fun and fit citizens taking their run to the streets. It just shows how alive we are here in this city*. Normally I would have joined in the run, but I believe Bronchitis is rearing its ugly head in my body and making it tought to breathe, let alone run 5-10K.

Oh well, there’s always next year, and possibly the 26K coming up next month. If anyone knows how to enter, please comment and let me know. Thanks!

*Notice how I said ‘we’? I’m starting to become a Vancouverite and loving every minute of it.