To Choose Your Own Path

Live Like an EntrepreneurJust finished watching the Matrix for about the 50th time. It never ceases to amaze me. Not the special effects, the fighting action, or anything like that. But the philosophy behind the Matrix universe. We’ve all felt like we’re part of a “Machine” at some point in our life. Like someone’s pulling our strings and setting invisible boundaries for us whether they’re welcome or not. I choose to create my own boundaries.

This is the life of an entrepreneur I guess. It’s not that you have to start your own business and make millions of dollars to be an entrepreneur. You just have to have the spirit and the will to create your own path. Who wouldn’t want to set their own rules and live the way they choose in every aspect of life? Lately, for me, it has been the most important aspect in making my life plans. I need to have control over my own life in order to feel like I’m living.

When I first got out of University, I did what many people do – got a job. I had good pay, a great team, and a lot of perks. It afforded me the opportunity to buy a house, a bunch of fancy toys, and a new sports car (which I’d always wanted). It was a great life in the beginning because it was exactly as good as my limited perception allowed my life to be. I didn’t know it could be better, so I was content in being an employee and letting others call the shots.

Only later did I realize that this life was not mine to live. I came to despise the boundaries that were placed on me in my professional life, not allowing me to stretch my creative muscles in the way I believed. I couldn’t even get away for a good vacation with only two weeks holiday in a whole year with my former company.

Now that I look back, it was a recipe for disaster. First you ask people to give their best creative years to your company, pay them just enough that they won’t quit, and make sure their ‘off-work’ time is limited so they don’t see how great it can be to not be working. It’s no wonder you speak to so many ’employees’ who hate their life, their job, and their boss! When these are the things that are contolling your existence, it’s hard to believe you’re living your own life.

When you speak to entrepreneurs, you don’t get that kind of feeling. Many, when starting out, are financially poor, working long and hard hours, and have very little reward. It makes you wonder why they’re doing it. But if you talk to them and really listen, they rarely complain about their work. Instead they speak about their projects with passion and energy. They talk about their plans, where they’re going from here, and how they’re going to get their. It’s nothing less than inspiring.

So when you sit down and evaluate your life, are you happy? Is going into work a great part of your day? Does it make you feel energized working on your projects and sharing your ideas with co-workers? If so, then you’re an entrepreneur. Even if you answered all three questions as an employee, you have chosen the life that makes you happy. You have a purpose to get up every morning and are truly alive when working. Work is a big part of our lives. By choosing your own path, you ensure that yours is a life worth living!