Vancouver Convention Centre – Cool Design and Great Views

Boy does Vancouver ever have some beautiful scenery. The new Convention Centre sure takes advantage of that with floor (first floor) to ceiling (fourth floor) windows overlooking Coal Harbour and North/West Vancouver. The place is gigantic to say the least. Coming from a relatively small town of Winnipeg, I’m quite impressed with the shear size of this event venue.

Remembering that the Olympics are less than a year away, I can see why they would need such an amazing building. With the millions of people coming from around the world, we want to make a statement that we know how to throw a party. It all starts with a good location. However, if Vancouver keeps up more of what I saw today, there’s going to be a lot of disappointed people.

It was literally the most unimpressive and boring site launch I have ever scene. Yes, the place was beautiful, the scenery was amazing, and the place had state of the art design and technology. But where was the flair? Where were the businesses sponsoring events and selling products, food, and services?

I’m guessing they were trying to steer away from commercializing their city’s new convention centre, but seriously folks – at least TRY to make it fun. For the first time being in this city I actually miss the spunk found in most Winnipeggers. We demand to be entertained and are not afraid to complain if it costs too much. Here it seems like people just take what they get and are more than willing to give up a paycheck to get it!

Looking back, I remember thinking how lame us Canadians are when I was in Miami. Everything there is sexy, extravagant and exciting. They play loud music on your average shopping day. Everything’s lit up with cool blue lights, and the people are always dressed to impress. While I routinely was annoyed with how pretentious it really was, at least they tried!

Here, it just reminds me of how boring us Canadians can be. We create this beautiful new venue, invite the whole city to view it, and don’t even do anything to keep us entertained, never mind cash in on the opportunity to make a few bucks from the thousands in attendance.

Maybe I’m wrong and it has nothing to do with Canadians being lame. Maybe they just wanted to show off their new place without bastardizing it with blatant commercialism. But would it really hurt to spice it up a little? Have some entertainment for the guests with a bit of souveniers for sale? Maybe next time Vancouver. Maybe next year when the Olympics come we’ll be more prepared to shock and awe the crowd. My hope is that we do. After all – the whole world will be watching!