The Power of People Power

Making ConnectionsI know, I know. The title is redundant. But I have to get across the power of people, specifically networking. The best thing you can do for your small or medium sized business is network. As the resources are mostly limited in the start up phase, human capital is hard to come by. So make friends. Friends will help you out when you need it and you should do the same for them. Here’s a couple of examples of how you can share resources to improve yours and your friends’ businesses:

1. Service for Service
Think or your unique skill set. What resources can you share with a colleague that can help them solve their business problem? For example, if you’re a plumber starting out, you can offer to fix your friend’s leaky sink in exchange for him designing your business cards.

2. Connections and Influence
Do you know a lot of people that are in your friend’s target market? You can connect your friend with the people that would make his business a success. Introduce her to influencial people that can help her business and she’ll remember it. The favour may be returned ten-fold in the future!

3. Share Your Knowledge
Do you have a particular skill that a friend or family member can use? Offer them free information to help get them on their way. While they may not buy right away (or never), they will sing your praises to others in your market. While you may not cash in on your advice right away, the long-term impact on your business will be enlightening.

These are just three examples of how you can leverage your non-cash resources to achieve business success. By providing free services and advice you develop strong relationships with the people you meet. For those that believe in Karma, what goes around really does come around. Treat people good, be fair, friendly and helpful, and the limitations of the start-up phase will soon pass. Plus it never hurts to be surrounded by people that want to see you succeed.