Day 2 of The New Plan

Long Journey Ahead of UsYesterday was the start of a new plan. Since we lost our funding, we need to look for other means of securing cash flow. We thought about investors, but it’s just not for us. Therefore we decided that we would divest our time in our entrepreneurial ventures and seek employment in the Greater Vancouver Area. It will be an interesting new challenge and we plan to take our entrepreneurial way to the world of employment!

In developing our business, we have met many great people with fantastic businesses. There are great ideas out here and a lot of people motivated and determined to reach their goals. Therefore we know there are many places where we could be happy to work for. Not only that, but at this stage in our recession, the economy is only going to get better placing new companies like these at an advantage when it starts to pick up.

So we’re taking our skills, creativity, and ambition to work with another company for the next couple years. Of course we’ll always be taking care of our web properties at the same time. That’s the beauty of owning websites (they work for you while you’re working somewhere else). Wish us luck!