What an Entrepreneur Does for Fun

Us After We 'Won' First Place

Us After We 'Won' Fifth Place

Besides working all day and actually enjoying it, I like to unwind every now and then (once a week) with a recreational ball hockey game. Although it’s only my 3rd month here in Vancouver, I am lucky enough to already on my second season with the VYP Oilers in an Urban Rec league. I love it! Competition, friendships, and the occassional yelling match. Good times for all.

I know that anyone who works for themselves has a hard time getting out. You feel guilty that you’re not working since there’s always so much to do. The thing is, if you don’t get out and enjoy life a) you’ll miss out on what makes life worth living and b) you’ll pretty much go insane and your work will suffer. Trust me, I know from experience. I’ve spent weeks not going out just plugging away at my website and losing my mind in the process.

Lesson here folks is that you need to have a solid work/life balance in order to be a successful entrepreneur. Working all the time may feel like you are getting more accomplished, but actually taking some time off to free your mind has suprisingly positive consequences. You’re refreshed, happier, and your brain just seems to work better. Personally, since joining the VYP Oilers, I’ve been way more creative, productive, and determined to acheive!

Notes on the Game:

After finishing last season a dismal 5th place, somehow we got bumped up into the competitive league where the competition is leaner AND meaner. That said, the VYP Oilers came out on top for a solid first outing by beating (insert team name here) 5-3 in a hard fought battle. While it was an extremely physical game, it left the team hoping all future games are like this!