Twitter is Over Capacity

Twitter is Over Capacity - AGAIN

Twitter is Over Capacity - AGAIN

This is a prime example of how success can sometimes be synonymous with failure. Twitter has been growing at an extremely rapid pace and their system seems unable to handle it. Many people have been taking advantage of automatic following programs to get thousands of followers quickly, seemingly at the expense of the program and the community at that. I’ve had follower after follower add me day in and day out, and they all seem to be self-proclaimed Internet Marketing experts that just started following over 2000 people.

Now, I understand that there is nothing in Twitter’s program or site copy that says you can’t use a program to follow multiple people, but it seems to be getting out of hand. If you want quality traffic, why not attract people who are actually going to convert on your site? Social marketing is meant to be about making real, authentic connections with your fans. This format is turning into a new age version of a mass marketing platform, like network TV was in the 50s – everyone sees it whether they like it or not.

Honestly, I would like to play the “How many followers do you have” game. But I think I’ll leave that to the other ‘Experts’ out there. I want relevant traffic from people who want to hear what I have to say, not just pad their stats. So if you follow me because a program added me on your behalf, I’m not going to follow you. I don’t care what kind of “FREE Money making tips” you have for me.