“In This Economy”

I don’t know about you but I’m getting sick of people using “This Economy” as an excuse for everything these days. They whine about how the economy is hurting them and that companies should understand their worries. The problem is that the people complaining are the ones with regular income coming in and are screwed because of their poor spending habits!

I was on a website the other day and was reading a 1 star review on Flight Centre wondering what makes them so bad. The guy proceeded to explain how he put a non-refundable deposit on a particular vacation and, when he cancelled that one, they wouldn’t apply his deposit to a different vacation. Why this bugs me? He’s pulled the “This Economy” card. I hate that!This Economy is No Excuse to Cry If You Have an Income

The guy sits there and explains to us that the reason they should “have sympathy” is that “in this economy blah blah blah!” What the hell does the economy have to do with anything? At least you can afford a vacation, unlike the thousands of people across Canada losing their jobs. There is absolutely no connection with you being poor with money and the state of our economy.

Honestly though, that’s what happens when ignorant people talk about politics. They don’t understand what a Recession is and find it a convenient way to justify their growing debt, “It wasn’t me it was the economy.” Boo hoo, YOU screwed up. Try getting layed off from a job you worked at for 23 years because of cost cutting and see how your money problems grow. Then you’ll really be effected by “this economy”!