‘Will You be My Overlord?’ Says Jon Stewart

Jon Stewart - A Source for Inspiration?On my break from the daily grind I caught last night’s The Daily Show where Jon Stewart interviewed Nandan Nilekani of InfoSys. “You’re a nice man, and I would be happy to have you as my Exteme Overlord.” says Jon as I fall off my chair laughing – notably pissing off my partner who’s trying to work. In between fits of giggles, I couldn’t help but catch a real important phrase from Nandan, “We started with $250 dollars and a dream.” Damn, that sounds like us!

Having no money was no obstacle for them. Granted their rent probably wasn’t anywhere near our $1300 a month, but they did it. Now look at InfoSys and all they’ve accomplished. Hell yeah I want a piece of that success after all my hard work. I know we can do it too! Just gonna put our heads down and go full steam into the development of the best service homeowners can find online…all the while maintaining the optimism that got me started on this venture in the first place.