St. Patty’s Day to Remember

I can’t tell you how much I was hyped about St. Patty’s Day in the ‘Big City’. I was drooling over the thought of drinking green beer with all my new friends at one of the many pubs downtown. It really made me think about the best St. Patrick’s Day in my adult life; when life was all fun and games with a side of homework.

On one particular St. Patty’s Day back in University me and some friends decided to leave class early to spend the rest of the day in the campus bar clearly doing what college kids do – getting stupid drunk. At first I was a little hesitant since, unlike my friends, I paid to be there and I actually enjoyed my classes. I know – NERD! But I think it was worth it was definitely a day to remember!

First, we get to the bar and are greeted by pretty much the entire Commerce faculty. Everyone wearing green, with goofy hats, and in a clearly festive mood. I remember thinking, ‘Why doesn’t the University get proactive and just ban classes on this day?’

Everyone Loves Green Beer

Everyone Loves Green Beer

Obviously college students are going to get hammered on the day of the drink! People were tripping over each other and laughing about it while near strangers would embrace in friendship. The booze is the obvious motivation for all this behaviour but I can’t help but feel that this particular holiday has a unique ability to bring out the most friendly aspects of everyday people.

Next comes rounds and rounds of green beer dying our tongues a deliteful shade of that earthly colour. Songs of the old country were belted out at the top of our lungs even though none of us knew the lyrics! Honestly if there were a day to celebrate the positive affects of drinking, it would be this day! This went on for hours and hours until we all realized that it was time to head home to prepare for the night ahead. Destination: St. Power Ball.

I’ll skip the boring parts about getting ready and go right into the action. Now I have to say this firsthand. I’ve enjoyed visiting pubs and bars on St. Patty’s Day for many years. This one stood out because of the next part – pure craziness! St. Powerball is a local concert in Winnipeg promoted by its best rock station Power 97. It features a series of 4 to 8 bands including local talent and some major Canadian headliners. This one was the best!

Walking into Winnipeg’s brand new arena (MTS Centre) for the first time was pretty amazing. The festive attitude of its visitors and the sea of 8,000 green shirts, hats, and pants made it quite a sight to see. Add to that the vendors pettling the aforementioned green beer and it made for great concert environment. By the time the bands started playing we were all in extreme party mode.

Not taking anything away from the fun of the day itself, but this concert was amazing. I was lucky enough to get free passes from a promoter friend of mine so I witnessed the show from the comfort of the front row. Seeing one of my favorite bands (Three Days Grace) from that angle was enlightening to say the least. And man did they ever put on a good show! Screaming, jumping, pumping our fists, my friends and I made the best of our St. Powerball experience and lived to tell about it.

It was a fantastic St. Patty’s Day that I’ll remember for a long time. A combination of good friends, new experiences, and a great concert made it a day to remember for me. Thinking about it now I know why I decided to stay in this St. Patty’s Day. I’m not the ‘drink all day, party all night’ person any more. I have responsibilities and my interests extend far beyond the sociable drinkfests. But honestly, just spending the day in my new apartment in a new city, watching Boondock Saints with my girlfriend made it just one more St. Patty’s Day to remember.