3rd Tuesday and the Circle of Influence

Staying Connected has a Whole New Meaning

Staying Connected has a Whole New Meaning

It’s amazing how easy it is to feel out of touch in the world of Internet Marketing. I visited a Meet-up yesterday at the Republic Nightclub in downtown Vancouver sponsored by the 3rd Tuesday Meet-up group. The speaker, Nate Elliott, was discussing the “Circle of Influence” and how it is not such a new concept as people think.

While I was listening to the presentation, I noticed how involved the world is in their Blackberry’s, iPhone, Wi-Fi connection, and the latest craze – Twitter. Although I have been commenting on blogs, updating my various online profiles, and writing blogs for the past couple years (and yes, I’m on Twitter), I still find it amazing how connected people really are.

Firstly, our event host draws attention to the blogger in the corner, barely looking up from his screen stating that he’s doing a ‘Live Blog’ on tonight’s speech. I’m intrigued when I find out it is one of my fellow Twitterers Trishussey!

Then Nate polls the audience on how many members are on Twitter right now! Again, I was suprised at how many hands go up. I’ve never seen so many people diligently clinging to their Blackberry’s as if the people in front of them were only characters in their online story book called Social Media! Not that there’s anything wrong with being connected. It’s just a little daunting from a person who really appreciates the benefits of interpersonal (live) communication.

Witnessing this event unfold made me sit and think about real connections and how important they are to each and every person out there. It helped that our presenter was discussing this very topic, but I had a tremendous revelation. People are so connected because they’re seeking authentic, personal experiences. They stay connected, share opinions, and blog like crazy in order to gain a glimpse of the reality the connected age is so diligently trying to supress.

By becoming part of an online community, constantly connected to their ‘Friends’ and ‘Followers’, is a way for people to find value in their daily lives. The validation they receive from a positive comment on their blog works wonders for their self esteem and makes them feel like they belong. Truly, the Internet has given people a voice who would have previously disappeared into obscurity.

As a marketer, I took this revelation as the first step in my new focus – my Mission. I will help these connected people find the validation they seek. My products and services will be dedicated to helping people connect in a meaningful and useful way. I will provide authentic and valued experiences for my user base as best I can through listening to user feedback and applying the necessary technologies to make it happen.

Even though I’m not as connected as some people think I should be, I know I’ll catch up and maybe someday even buy a Blackberry or iPhone to fit in with all the tech-savvy marketers out there. Until then, I’m going to do my best to provide my customers with relevant, high quality products and services from the ancient confines of my laptop computer. Who knows, maybe next time I go to an event, Twitter will be passe and one of my projects can be the obsession of the hour. Here’s hoping!